Musical Feature Film 'Art Is...'


by Director Barry Bliss

'Action from film 'Art Is....'

New Troy Productions will be shooting a brand new musical feature film starring Emily Beecham, Paul McGann and Gary Kemp, at New Gallery London this May.

Art Is… tells the story of Lulu who suffers a crisis of confidence as her first solo art exhibition approaches.

The film, written and directed by Barry Bliss, with ten new songs by Doug Berwick and featuring artwork by Sharon Drew, has been filming around the Capital on a micro-budget since the end of last year. The shoot at New Gallery London will be the final shoot before readying the film for submission to the London Film Festival by the end of the summer.

Gary Kemp in 'Film Art Is...'

Film Producer Beth Aynsley comments…

"We're very excited to be part of the thriving creative scene in Camberwell and to be filming at the New Gallery London just hours before handing over to our hugely talented artist, Sharon Drew for her own five day exhibition."

Director Barry Bliss, comments on Sharon Drew's artwork…

Surely the greatest gift an artist can bestow upon the world is that of allowing any viewer the freedom of interpretation - an unfettered flight of their imagination? Within each canvas created by Sharon Drew there exists this endless possibility. At once both exploding nebular (and the birth of our star system) to the tiniest particle of existence (unseen to the naked eye). And the only limitations expressed are that of our own imagination.

© Beth Aynsley Producer, Art Is… May 2012

'Art Is…' Emily Beecham & Sean McConaghy

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