'Colour-Field' Solo Exhibition 1 June – 31 July 2011

PENNY FIELDING GALLERY & INTERIORS  34 Orford Road  London  E17 9NJ Verve & Flux in 'Colour Field' exhibition

Light, space, colour and process are continuing preoccupations and this new series reflects the development of a freer and more fluid way of working.

My process involves building up thin coloured grounds onto the surface of the canvas, manipulating diluted paint until some sort of imagery begins to appear. When I say imagery, the coloured shapes and forms can possibly be interpreted as flesh, blood, flowers, water, clouds or smoke. It is important to me that that the imagery remains ambiguous as a tension is created by these multi-readings and oppositions.

My paintings are shaped by the environments I experience. I frequently travel from East London to West Cornwall so each location remains fresh, unbelievable and exciting. I continue to be astonished and enthralled by these contrasting landscapes. The disparity, and sometimes the parallels, are the impetus for this new work.

Whilst these paintings do not entirely conform to the traditional definition of 'colour-field', the landscape reference and immersive qualities of this genre greatly appeal. They are themes I continue to explore.