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Artist-in-Residence at UEL Project Space Trinity Buoy Wharf

News ArchiveSharon Drew

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-09-39-09 Mon 10 October - Sunday 6 November

Sharon Drew has four weeks to use UEL (University of East London) Project Space as her temporary studio. Flat-Out refers to her process of painting canvases on the floor and also the pace at which she intends to work. The large floor area will allow her to experiment by working on a number of paintings at one time and the public will be able to view the process and final outcome.

Trinity Buoy Wharf is situated on a bend of the River Thames opposite the 02 Arena, an expansive area with big skies and long views. It is a unique location where nautical history meets 21st century art and innovation. Rusted industrial relics are seen against converted shipping containers, now spaces in which to live and work. A red lightship rests at low tide on the drab-grey mud of the shoreline, while in the distance, a string of cable-cars are silhouetted against the skyline. The wealth of visual sensations and imagery will undoubtedly feed into the work produced during the residency.

“When making a painting I want to find that point where I am only just in control of the paint, letting it behave in ways that may surprise and delight me. As I work paint leaves the brush in drips and trails … a brush-mark may hold or dissolve, colours separate or blend. My energy is channeled into the work and I become an observer of the complex illusion of light, space and movement that evolve. I judge a work finished when it has a life of its own that surpasses my understanding.”


Address: UEL Fine Art Project Space Clipper House, Trinity Buoy Wharf   64 Orchard Place E14 OJY

Opening hours:  OPEN WEEKEND Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 October 11:00-6:00

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 3 November 6:00-8:30

FINAL VIEW Sunday 6 November 11:00-6:00

The artist will be on site most days between 11:00-4:00. Please contact direct to confirm specific days and times the studio will be open to the public.

Train: DLR East India  (10 min walk from DLR Station. Do not walk over station footbridge, use stairs to south exit opposite Nisa Store. Outside station turn left and follow blue signs marked either Trinity Buoy Wharf or Bird Sanctuary.

Underground:  Jubilee Line - Canning Town, Bow Creek exit - 70 steps out of station or change to DLR (12 mins walk via new pedestrian bridge over river then footpath around City Island construction site)

Parking: Free

Admission: Free / Accessible venue on ground floor

For further information about the residency please contact 07986 772178

Email: For more information about Trinity Buoy Wharf

drift-downchimp 'Drift down' 2016 acrylic on paper 21 x 30cm

Abstract Expressionism

Mid-20th century ‘Action-Painters’ such as Willem de-Kooning and Jackson Pollock have affected and influenced Drew’s work with their immersive, sensuous, process-based paintings since her student days at UEL. It is timely that the New York Abstract Expressionist exhibition is currently showing at the Royal Academy of Art. Drew employs similar improvised working processes and states: “I consider abstract paintings that evoke sensations and emotions are part of the human experience and so are as relevant today as ever.”


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